About Abi Rana

I'm an approachable guy who likes to talk straight and enthusiastic about tech and the web. I'm a self-taught Web Developer, I took Basic Graphics Designing course in 2007 and in my first job I got a little insight into web development. Since then I've been gradually learning web development and worked on few local projects. I worked as a freelancer and had another day job but after many years of my hardship I've landed many projects and since 2015 I've been working full-time designing and developing websites.

Currently, I'm working as a freelancer and I'm also engaged with IT Service Nepal, a web development company in biratnagar, a team of experts with profound experience on Design and Website Development. I'm Creative Head of the team, I take care of the designs and handle Front-end part of the development too. Another thing I do is, I animate those web elements which I really love to do. Best part of Web Animation is that I can make it interactive.

I've acquired web development skills as a result of my keen interest on how a website work. I've more than 5 years of active experience developing websites and now I work on a couple of projects every month. I still have so much to learn but I'm a motivated learner and I have a good level of problem-solving skills, with that I feel confident to provide quality in my work and can execute complex tasks. I'm always eager on learning new things (related to tech/web) and I never get tired of working with computers.

My Skills

CSS Expert

HTML Expert

jQuery/JS Advanced

Bootstrap Expert

WordPress Expert

Photoshop Advanced

UI/UX Design Expert

Web Animation Expert

Other things I'm good at:

What I can offer


Branding & Logo Design

Wordpress Intigration & Customization

Email Designing

Custom Feature Development

Website Deployment Service


Couple of my works


If you are interested in hiring or working with me please feel free to contact me.

Biratnagar, Nepal



[email protected]