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Photo of Abi Rana
Hi, I'm Abi Rana

Transforming clients idea into interactive web experiences, that makes an impact.

a self taught web developer specialized in Responsive and Interactive Web Development; additionally well-versed in Web Design and Visual Development.

What I do

Beside designing/developing templates and blocks for Pinegrow below are some of the interactive and animated projects that I've built.

Interactive Product Customizer

A product customizer built to provide an interactive way for users to edit and visualize their own neon lights. A user can edit the text, change fonts and colors, and see it in different backgrounds. And when they are happy with the design, they can place an order.

Interactive Attraction Map

An interactive map built to display different places of attraction within Ras Al Khaimah. On this interactive map, a user can click through different attractions and read information about them. Clicking on the play button takes a user through all the places one by one. This interactive map is very responsive to small screens as well.

Interactive/Animated Presentation

This is an interactive and animated storyboard which guides you step by step to help you understand about the product. This interactive storyboard even lets you change certain characters and elements as you progress through the story.

Interactive Product Visualizer

This product visualizer provides user with an interactive way to learn about a product. Different highlighted parts are clickable, which reveals details about that part.

Tech Stack

With having experience on different aspects of web development, I've also been working with different no-code/low-code tools. As a UI Developer my skills shines well on these platforms. Below are some of my preferred and most used platforms.

Webflow logo
Pinegrow logo
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